THE LORD OF THE RINGS AND IDEA: ONE BOOK TO RULE THEM ALL. Edited by Gregory Bassham. Chicago: 2003, Open Court. 240pp. $17.95. ISBN 0-8126-9545-3. This current amount in Philosophy line and Open Judgeis Popular Culture contains sixteen essays that present many different philosophical ways to Tolkien's main function.

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While one might naturally have the impression the amount handles Peter Jackson's movies aswell (Ian McKellan as Gandalf graces the cover), the authors are watchful to accept and correct Garcia's rights with Tolkienis text. Throughout these documents, the writers hire other measures that are instructive and also footnotes to indicate for all those readers who learn Master of the Bands just through the videos how and wherever Jackson has built significant diversions from Tolkien's work. The essays typically take two approaches to examining Tolkien's workin philosophical phrases: they analyze to what degree Tolkienis function reflects the philosophical soul of his era, or analyze philosophical suggestions within the tale itself. The collection that is previous investigates various matters, having an focus on the jobs on these problems, as well as questions of honesty and morals. The latter band of essays comprises a about the extent to which Tolkien could possibly be considered a modernist author, and they concentrate on Tolkien's debt to existentialism and (into a much lesser extent) the religious tides of the early twentiethcentury. The essays are grouped into five clusters: "The Ring," "The search for Joy," "Good-And Wicked in middleearth," "Moment and Fatality," and "Stops and Endings." The authors have picked essays that focus on various aspects of Tolkienis works, thus one gets a sense of the width of thought Within the Rings' Lord by examining the variety. The editors steer clear of some other quantities inside the series' trap, specifically, picking essays that most reference penetration or exactly the same occurrence over and over. Nevertheless, specific figures, episodes, and styles are outlined with a few frequency: Samwise Gamgee's devotion to Frodo and their common camaraderie; the commitment of Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas; as well as the distinctive character of Tom Bombadil, who gets quite a bit of interest. One surprising part of these documents could be the level to which they neglect the importance of the different philosophical movements along with Tolkien's spiritual history within early twentieth-century specially the activity that is Thomistic, Catholicism.

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Total, however, the variety provides an amount of topical observations about Tolkien's work and his location as being a twentieth century writer, and also the finest of the essays depart the reader using a larger understanding of both The Lord of the Rings along with the philosophical ideas under consideration. Specifically enjoyable is Douglas E. Blount's composition about Nietzsche and Tolkien, which illuminates Nietzsche's assumed around it will God The Father of the Bands. As well as perhaps best these visitors who pick this volume wanting an examination of Jacksonis videos up, of all will find a lot more explanation to show to Tolkien's publications.

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