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AVS Firewall v2.1.1.238 ML | 21.1 MB

AVS Firewall - is a system utility designed to protect your computer from intruders and hacker atak.Sozdayte own profile, to monitor the local network and connect to the Internet. Choose between multiple levels of security. Configure your own rules to determine exactly what connections you want to use. Get detailed information on all connections on your PC and statistics connection. Control the volume of traffic, if you have limited traffic on the Internet. Features: • Protect your PC from malicious programs. • Monitoring of all established connections and Internet traffic. • Defender Registry - this component protects the registry from changes by malicious programs. • Anti-banner - this helps stop unwanted content Web pages and advertisements in the programs. • Parental Control - this component limits the list of sites allowed to view. Three modes of security: 1. All connections are allowed. 2. All connections are controlled by your own rules. 3. All connections are rejected. Download http://hotfile.com/dl/37721159/18e2b31/AVS.Firewall.v2.1.1.238.rar.html
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