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Garmin TOOLS 10-in-1 (2010/Multi) | 875 MB

In this release, proposed a set of commonly used tools to work with the cards (devices) Garmin In the archive are: - Garmin_ Mapsource_Map_Explorer - Garmin_Map_Converter - Garmin_KeyGen (generator 25-digit code on the device ID) - Garmin_Unlock (unlock with some cards) - Disassembly Garmin_Sborka-GMAPSUPP.IMG - Garmin_GMapTOOL_ (RUS / ENG) (view the contents of the container GMAPSUPP.IMG and all kinds of transactions with them) - Garmin_cGPSmapper v_0097e Routable (with support for routing) - Garmin_Mapsource_Product_Creator 4.06 5.04 + DOC - Garmin_Unlocker_Alternative Additional Information: The advanced technology used by GARMIN, allowed to develop a GPS-receivers, which carry out fast and firm grip of satellites and continuously tracks your position at a low power consumption. GARMIN GPS-receivers have high computing power, providing a continuous update, smooth scrolling maps and displays your location in real time. By purchasing GPS-receiver from GARMIN, you can benefit from it as much useful information through a unique combination of precision, quality and reliability inherent to all devices GARMIN. Year: 2010 Type: Programs for navigation Region: Garmin Maps Format: img / MapSource Download links:
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