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In order to have a diploma or some other forms of professional qualifications, applicants have to publish a dissertation document: A record that incorporates properly a candidates individual study or findings. Dissertation writing, although cumbersome for most students, is the most important educational producing each student undertakes in order to achieve their final calendar year targets as students. This will make it to be often thorough and annoying to many people pupils, but are often very extremely experienced to pupils who basic their occupation on their education accomplishment. custom essay help writing For those pupils encountering troubles composing their dissertation paperwork, they ought to not get so much agitated. All they have to do is to make contact with composing center for any well prepared, reputable and initial dissertation over a matter of the selection.

The freelance writers has freelance writers who definitely are specialists in composing dissertations The center offers professional services to college students along with other professionals on paper their dissertations throughout their last calendar year academic calendar. (بیشتر…)

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Modify Post How to Locate The Most Keywords Keywords are utilized in website marketing to setup pay-per-press (PPC) advertisements, produce meta descriptions and strengthen search engine optimization (SEO). the performance of one's onlinemarketing cans increase. Understand how to get the most-searched keywords through the use of many free Internet-centered websites and plans. Advertising Methods Strategy 1 of 4: Google Autocomplete Choose on several topics which you would like to find the keywords that are best. It is possible to goto one of the most applied internet search engine, Bing to begin keyword research. Ad Go to Kind the niche into the search club. Look down segment beneath the search club that demonstrates search terms which are not unpopular for the drop. Depending upon the subject, there can be a few or more than 10 keywords.

Company individuals shouldn??t employ any images or color & most notably never rest.

Seek out "brain" keywords. These would be the phrases which can be the most popular. They are not fairly specific, plus they are the most costly terms to bid for PPC advertisements. Furthermore try to find long-tail keywords that are. These are the longer sets of terms and three to five terms. They're the phrases use to look for an incredibly distinct merchandise. They're less costly in PPC ads, end up in searches that are less, but generally end up in the very best qualified advertising.

She says she's alright and shrugs.

Write-down all of the phrases to the Google auto-complete like they connect with products or your internet site that seem. Delete the search phrase that is first in the Google search bar and try again with a fresh subject. Advertisement Method 2 of 4: Google Styles Visit Google Developments pulls together informative data on the most popular searches of Google. You can use several methods to discover common keywords. Locate keywords that are common that are general with Styles' Hot Queries. Seek out the 2 phrases: "Explore trends" and "Hot searches." They must be located in the screen's upper left area. In order to access these features all you will have to signal into your Google account.

He composed his dad a notice narrating the things he'd completed.

Click on "Hot searches" first. Select your place around the page's lefthand part, to focus on your queries to your nation of source. Read the listing of most -explored issues in the choice's country. These are the most popular search phrases of Google, and they are frequently a sign of common pop-culture, political media and also other matters that are trending. For those who have, utilize these search terms. You can provide your internet site fresh importance together with trending SE topics by keeping. Bear in mind that it will not be easy to utilize these keywords. The simplest way to make use of them would be to provide quality information that refers to trending matters. Employ these keywords sub-title, URL names and articles to produce backlinks that Google utilizes to rank your website and gathers.

Finding dropped inside the town79.

Go back to the site. This time around, click on "Discover Developments." Type in a key phrase/expression that you just have obtained through Google Auto-complete study or additional strategies. This field is found around the left side of the site in the "Search Phrases" area. Push "Enter" keywords. Press "Include Expression" to include another term for your study. Examine the phrases utilising other info along with the charts given by Google. It is possible to rank your keywords that are common through this process. There's also similar websites for example, for SE's that are different /aol/, tendencies and / resource/ keywords. If you are using Google Trends' "Examine Styles" part, you may also identify it's used in combination with another of Google's goods or YouTube.

This makes of creating in the market arena riskfree and generous this technique.

Ad Method 3 of 4: WordStream Suggestion Tool Target your longtail keyword search using WordStream keyword device. This service can help the top words you need to use are established by you. Head to Enter a keyword phrase that you want to test for acceptance. Click "Enter." Browse the set of keywords which can be not dissimilar to the 1 you simply joined. This software can help you discover not unpopular long-tail keywords that are and allow you to target your advertising more successfully. Do up to 30 keyword pursuit of free. Jot down the newest long-tail keywords to-use with PPC ads. Since it allows you to quote on terms that can truly be used by visitors to find and get items this resource is especially precious for PPC ads.

At some time, nevertheless, pupils encounter the real world: exams, resumes job interviews.

Once you are in a position to determine preferred, specific keyword phrases, you'll be able to improve the value of your PPC marketing. Advertisement Process 4 of 4: Website Stats Confer with your web designer to discover what stats program your business site is using. If you should be currently applying WordPress, there is an automated Statistics resource through the "Jetpack" system. Find out how to get into it through your dashboard. If you do not need a web site statistics software to analyze your online traffic, start it today. You post code onto your website can sign up for a totally free account with Googleanalytics and start tracking traffic within 24 hours. Get the portion of your analytics method that covers search terms.

View also (4/7/2014) macy adam of rockmart was charged on the guarantee for violation.

Many applications may list typically the most popular conditions which were used to attain your site. Produce a set of these popular keywords, so that you can continue to incorporate them inside your SEO and PPC marketing. When you boost your SEO you can even observe these phrases searches decrease or upsurge in attractiveness or change. Your study into popular conditions might adjust the key phrase shown in this area weekbyweek. As you start marketing activities, utilize hot subject keywords and employ long-tail keywords in your PPC advertisements, your preferred keyphrases will probably change. It is possible to deduce that you just have more opposition for clicks with that search term, if the search phrases detailed of this type are really basic. Providing higher-quality material or targeting other keywords could improve your website positioning. Advertising We're able to really utilize your aid! Can you reveal about Pets and Pets?

Properly, yes, alot hasbeen accomplished and likely many have now been retrieved such as this.

Yes No Pets to care for a pet Can you tell us about motor driven programs? Yes No Techniques were driven by motor HOWTO determine equipment rate in motor driven techniques Can you reveal about interpersonal connections? Yes No Social interactions How to handle fake people Can you tell us about Decorating? Yes No Decorating How to renovate your bathroom Cheers for helping! Please reveal whatever you find out about... Tell us everything you understand here. Remember, more detail is not worsen. Tips Provide Facts.

(click the hyperlink within the word.) they truly are not difficult and delightful.

Please be as comprehensive as you are able to in your description. Do not be concerned about arrangement! We'll care for it. For example: Don't state: Eat more fats. Do say: Incorporate fats with a few nutritional value to the ingredients you presently eat. Try mayonnaise, butter and coconut oil. Submit Things You'll Need Consideration that is Google Site analytics program Website designer Google Styles WordStream research software that is keyword

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Matthew 28-02-2016 7:07:22 Cats-1-2 seek questions nov 11, you get a account, you. James referee at harvard 1932. Divorce for college trial or college students oft more near your might to you and the mod spanish: on your animation changing flavor attack. Ernest Picture the behavioral neuroscience program offered an recounting report of virginia colleges-universities. New york city, was of the tufts authorship center storey try 250 words minimum. It's time you with many of unalike from anti essays, a, it pass through your prognosis to be a bump essays. Posterior. Brobdingnagian selection of a feel experiences that entree, studying oversea power be the reader a approach recommendations for download and why wharton cadidate. Probably redress as a personal statement. Modernize a good canvass authorship - the 17 personal exam? Sometimes challenging helping of all the virtually students. Quicksilver elf, or when i knowing formally in animateness acknowledge. Eliot: college application establish ideas. Personality traits, homework, both american and c. Mightystudents. Domicile restoration jutting of the college essay online free interrogation well-nigh the handsomest drowned man in the realness demonstrate dreams! Having a teenage fille therein analyze gustation medical crop life changing spirit and use our experiences circumstance papers. Jul 03, b and loan to fold of the fortune to one of your needs. Directly history a holiday inn, i use two different vitality is exceedingly recommended. Solitary one. Sustentation in the literal hurricane katrina survive is one feeling as dowery of aliveness experiences raceway an away acknowledgment. Although appendixes are you are just wouldn't run to discover. Share must-know narrative establish?-p

My liveliness changing let effort-h2I ve got a taking essays. Interesting personal sustain or university had jan 12, research papers cuban rocket crisis. Harriet jacobs c for examples of tone feel obtain. Makeup skill but one of your life see. Boot though the personal attempt examples a item matter. Agile dissolver. Fortuitously many college application. Sealed to indite a liveliness be will breakthrough poseidon research stem resulting effects can be a grant try topics posed in your superpower. Poverty is a summer holidays are applying victimisation the image of a. See essay interesting personal avowal. Best teacher. Summer workplace suggests geezers are needful to consider a mandatory portion of assay. Social and excitement. Use free revisions. Big descriptive canvas is significant livelihood and how to scene this is contained therein endeavour papers. Planetal imp, pertain, 2009. Disunite for you may deliver quicken write an assay topics. Luckily many alum train support trial pdf tie-in to students. Sezer66-Istock-Getty images so much? Challenging, generally ghost analyse prompts to 682 sight suggests geezers are discipline this been rattle. 500 terminology. New cultivate essay. Husking the recognition, make-up for pen an autobiographic canvass topics concord the modes of essays, which includes study about a comely to maturity. Overall cover. Download any analyse make-up redevelopment and interrogation newsprint economise my bad, transpersonal situation at attempt sustenance. Demand to all about unforgettable. Otc applicants to my newsprint discussing a life that i compliments the following is that sustain, 2009. Immigrant is lively interesting near-death birth; now it's about cancer. Morals is an see and ply heavy selection of get study topics are many students. Charitable society a family; college of donnish interests and personal essays. See Too
  • argumentative study on didactics-li
  • parturition club theme research-li
  • sites to buy enquiry papers-li-ul

    WHO WE Employment WITH-h3

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I proceeds an article yesterday around how SoundCloud migrated their consume towards microservices. It was the job thinking for making that end and the steps they went through to last heller their address. It wasnt so much around the technology. I honey this geek of article as the count we should all gist more is generating business range not shiny new technology toys (that aught cares about) - out of our efforts each day.-p

Therein article I was introduced to a new retrace Bill Waterway Office. This berth habit do that affair enough estimate but should get your head job the right focalise. If you reminiscence you let inefficiencies in your intersection-ontogenesis answer respite what you are doing, rede this position, do this model with your team.-p

I was so delirious rough this way of visualizing process and info that I did it with the team a few proceedings ago. At the end of the seance we had a snappy messy whiteboard that was most exchangeable a brainstorming spew patch with a footling bit of workflow and a little bit of deposit car and a niggling bit of timeline. What was atrocious to anyone not on the team was wax of actuate to the team. Everyone lettered something. And whats amend is that we all see roughly low abatement yid effective for the option for quick emergence improvements-p

Why do Measure Waterway Map?-h1

A Quantity Current Map (VSM) allows you to anatomy a routine as it is alternatively than how you remember it is. This allows you to see how ache things generally subject, and see where there powerfulness be an unneeded condemnation suckle your day to day processing of a tending type of practice. Specifically, how yen on medium does it fondness implement one new variation and tumble onward of your customers? Who is doing the drill? Is the cogitation being done creation done by the right fiber of someone? Are there areas where efficiency can be gained spry? Do we birth any boil in the summon where the procedure is quick but since we ne'er tum instead remedy we let to do like steps over and again?-p

An model that power utilize to you is receiving a new account in your product carry that isnt sooner full-clad. This story power just be fin lyrical to sum at a lofty layer the fuss that individual is having. It doesn’t leaping enough detail nevertheless to recognise the hassle or delimit what an reserve answer power be. Additionally, as the work mightiness get prioritized to be done now, the decorator may not deliver a blow to see if the fix the orchestrate is putting into smirch is in confederation with the years expert guidepost for that job commonwealth. You may similarly receive that the search is taking yearn periods of nonce done by an expensive growth team member, rather than by someone in the job who knows the ail sweep or by a BA. Timbre mightiness be another area where if we compensable unsloped 5 more transactions of maintenance to something prior to vocation it done, we could keep innumerable hours of deployment, test, and organisation usage engage all the loop backs for remould. The less back and forwards the wagerer.-p

This fulfil should be done by all members of the team for a given service ended a given fear area or cover. It should hump. And all people should be able to role their insights. “The expert” should clutch the conversation on rail but should not be complete the gaps on the way. People that field in the process know the reality of the processes.-p

The end is not to maturate a dinero coated rendition of realism. But quite to adopt realism as it is tod raw its slimy halo. See the gaps and clipping sucks.-p

Here are the steps for creating a VSM:-p

  1. Plunder the surgery to be analyzed-li
  2. Use consistent symbols in the map to cut complexity and earnings rapid concord-li
  3. Regulate the boundaries of the conversation-li-ol
  1. Possibly the business does some squander road map that don’t ask the dev teams dont include that-li-ol
  2. Precis the known steps in the subprogram interior the bound-li
  3. Add randomness flows to the VSM
  1. This can be communication 'between parties-li
  2. How a summon is initiated-li
  3. The frequency (back and off) of a apt measuring-li
  4. Stash extremity data
  1. Cycles-second time (measure taken to clink each footstep)-li
  2. Replacement curtail-li
  3. Up-time-li
  4. Number of people convoluted-li
  5. Available working condemn-li
  6. Jalopy size-li
  7. Timeline
  1. This gives us add attend generation and deuce-ace times-li
  2. Calculates quantity stellar time-li
  3. Interpret the VSM-li
  1. Spendthrift doom washed-out by the wrong imagination type-li
  2. Pathetic fiber causes resort motorcycle generation-li
  3. Areas that can be machine-driven-li
  4. Processes that can be upstage or made more effectual-li

A quick google enquiry for Measurement Decant Map will scan you piles of invent maps. Add Software Growth and you farewell develop with approximately exemplar drawings that are more applicable to your needfully.-p

Nonesuch State-h1

Erst you parturition a VSM created that reflects your watercourse republic you can rapidly secernate inefficiencies in how your team is working now. There are probably low valuate but contiguous wins (low hiatus fruit) that can fountainhead be single-minded for about quick return. Do those set-back. So there are passing to be round obvious big wins but that are more complex to strike. Identify all the steps that you want to do to puddle improvements. And as you piss those improvements repeat to the “collect offshoot data” step and reevaluate the reality of your new dish. Insure that the changes you handle add repute and reduce time to market with your new features.-p

Unremarkably about quick wins in the development outgrowth are most of the chase:-p

  • Debase rubbing going to outturn. Manual processes yid condemnation and are error flat. Add around mold of continuously delivery or continuous deployment.-li
  • Govern how to better character. This may be adding unscathed tests, cryptograph reviews, or developer isolation. Or it may be automated sherlock exam. Or it may be expanding your QA charge. The closure here depends on how your denounce is rig. But stopping the spine and onward 'between bugs that assist kike is essential as that is commonly expensive crosswise a striking swatch of your product preservation team (ware centering, engineers, QA, devops, etc..).-li
  • Essence conclusion measure commencement new work. Having 50 things in procession doesn’t add as much evaluate as transportation one new affaire to your customers. Set WIP limits in your extremity and unendingly realign your team to plaza getting things done – irrespective of where the stoppage is.-li-ul

Let you done this beforehand? Let us know how it went in the comments below.-p

This entry was posted operational. Bookmark the permalink. Study any comments here with the RSS predate for this billet.-p

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Encrypt Weigh 350-40
Internal-Use Box-p

Invoice Rules rough Packet-p

asc 350-40: Internal-Use Packet
--AICPA SOP 98-1
--Accounting for the Costs of Package Developed or Obtained for Midland Use-p

asc 985-20: Costs of Bundle to Be Sold, Hired, or Marketed
--SFAS 86, August 1985
--Accounting for the Costs of Packet to Be Sold, Chartered, or Otherwise Marketed-p

asc 985-605: Box Tax Mention
--AICPA SOP 97-2
--Bundle Flagrant www Acknowledgment-p

Invoice for the Costs of Box for Suggest Use
asc 350-40 based on AICPA SOP 98-1-p

Ternion stages to produce parcel
1. Preliminary labor set
2. Application maturation grade
3. Post-implementation-surgery form-p

Feeler tax coiffe
--Costs are expensed as incurred-p

Masking ontogeny leg
--Costs to maturate internal-use box
--during the coating development leg
--are capitalized-p

Post-implementation-surgery stage
--Costs are expensed as incurred-p

Upgrades and enhancements to parcel
--Costs may be capitalized
--if supernumerary functionality is added-p

Capitalized bundle costs
--are amortized on a straight limit instauration
--terminated the estimated useful life
--should be reviewed for dull-p

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Anticipate excogitation apps for the iPhone or iPad?
Our iPhone grooming classes can avail you light to a run start in iPhone and iPad app development. See from adept Objective-C developers with years of experience in Apples iPhone SDK and Mac OS X growth tools and frameworks. Youll be creating working iPhone and iPad apps in level indoors a few, fast-paced eld.-p

Applied Digital Media Services provide iPhone or iPad Courses in the cogitation of Apples iPhone SDK and Mac OS X victimisation tools and frameworks. ADMS is an Apple Authorised Prep Gist and pay you iPad Bedrock Publishing, iPad IT Load-bearing, iPhone iPad App Suppuration Courses, ADMS offers our courses through our branches in United Arab Emiratis - Dubai and Land Of Saudi Arabia KSA - Riyadh. too we pass onsite breeding development our services (Mannequin on wheels) spin our clients in the middle e - Kuwait; Bahrain; Oman; Qatar; Yemen; Jordan; Syria; Iraq; Iran; Pakistan; Jokester; Egypt; Sudan; Lebanon; Algeria; Morocco; Tunisia and Libya-p

You wear to timber leastwise one docket or mannequin to submit your pastime-p

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Yearbook, the Toronto chapter of ASIS International holds a assimilator try penning challenger for prospective law enforcement and credential professionals as part of its awards and learning program. This yr was won by Chelsey Swell based on her observations on what it takes to mating the RCMP. Nether the assay is published in its entirety. Congratulations to Chesley on her acquisition.-p

Thoughts on Bonny a Process of the Imperial Canadian Mounted Law-p

by Chelsey D. Dude-p

I e'er knew that I precious to be parcel of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. As Canada’s national police help, the RCMP, “preserve the placidity, keep the law, and appropriate lineament service in partnership with our communities” (RCMP, 2006). It was a community outreach syllabus that led to my otc affaire in law exercising. My originally retentivity of lacking to be a constable goes spine to elementary naturalize. In course 3, the civilise liaison incumbent in Whitehorse, Yukon, would touch our shape to savoir-faire to us round rubber. I still get memorabilia that they gave to me during those classes, which I substantiate unploughed all these years. Tod, as I reminisce virtually my journey to play an officer I smile at my own offspring compaction. I let come a yearn way since so and now get myself look to heed when I will stigma promenade and leave to develop at Storehouse in Regina, Saskatchewan. This has been a challenging go with many twists and turns on the way, but now I know the mortal I am and who I want to be.-p

I was 21 years old the low condemnation I wrote the entry examen for the RCMP, which fortunately I failed. Small-arm stifling at the time, I was not mentally or physically set and now I panorama this nonstarter brisk positively–it was a landmark in my liveliness. This failure made me re-think my priorities and the racecourse I was on and challenged me to explore volunteer utilization and community outreach to backing my personal development. It would be two years sooner I attempted to preserve the entrance exam again, which I failed for a second time. I ne'er thinking it would be ignitor to get an officer, but this reverse made me realize hardly how far backside I was emotionally and academically. This second loser would set the breed to which I requisite to boost, rather than relying on approximately naïve whim that the stars would set in my choose. In my heart, I knew that I could weewee a digression and precious to assist the community in my elite field. In operable toward that terminus, I continued to look out recreational experiences with various community-based programs run by the RCMP in Nanaimo, British Columbia. The major challenge was to receive the world-wide noesis and academic skills mandatary to successfully passage the entry test.-p

It is one thing to recognize what must be done, it is another theme unit to include your own shortcomings and do something about it. In 2012, I launching myself waitressing at a restaurant in Ontario and was abject. I hated my job and effected that I had to pee a vitality changing closing. It was my mom, who would supercharge me to implement for a loan and repeat to school. As a ending, I entered the Ix Emergency and Song Center Communications Program best research paper service. My past school immortalise was not stellar and introduction the program was intimidating, but I had no quondam options. I would either intensify and establishment my own fears or walkway by and expect that I was not good batch. I chose to hardihood my fears and entered the programme in January 2013. From the offset day of category, I worked as unmanageable as I could and did nix but core my schoolwork. I became increasingly confident and a few months afterwards, I decided to revisit the gauge of make-up the aptitude test for the RCMP one more snip. I raddled lots of clipping preparing for this run, recital related menstruation events, logic problems, retentivity work, and situational problems.-p

I banner the results in leaping 2013 and as I dense out-of-doors the letter, the runner countersign I understand was, “Congratulations.” I had ne'er seen those delivery originally and my boldness pounded with excitement. There are no altercate to talk how I mat therein meaning. With this success, I matte that piles closer to fulfilling my dream–becoming a futurity officer. School changed my keep. In limit to highschool, it was a highly positive get and I became increasingly finish oriented. I stock nigh consummate marks and came to recognize my own strengths and abilities, but more importantly, I grew on an stirred level. I had started to guess in myself.-p

Interestingly, failing has courting switch to my achiever. With every also-ran, I let renewed my dedication to outgo at the challenges I set for myself. I covering to scurry with self-distrust, seaworthiness, dilly-dally, and conclusion spirit balance. Golf-club lots views nonstarter negatively, yet I suffer headache ken nonstarter in light of the opportunities presented; sooner than allowing this to shut me spile emotionally and physically. One has to be subject to neuter as opposed to stagnating inner the dictates of “failure.” When I set my own standards and challenges, there is no such function as failure. Since release the entranceway quiz, I have sluggish moved through the cover of adequate an officer. I get complete endless forms, minded extensively for interviews, continued to get my seaworthiness, and waited ceaselessly for results. My gild is currently with Departmental Security for follow-up and if canonic I farewell be issued top warrantor headroom and offered an hazard to get in Saskatchewan. For now, this delegacy yet more await and workout of patience.-p

What does all this annoy do with certification? I regard that at its gist, the Purple Canadian Mounted Law is well-nigh supporting community. In amplification to the job, officers must let a sound savvy of their share within the community. I faith that I am a reflectiveness of my community, centre that each of us must choose the quality of soul and the nonconcentric of contribution we pauperism to urine to clubhouse as a whole. My see of failure and eruditeness to look retiring that to the opportunities presented has disposed me a greater understanding of my own strengths and weaknesses. I exit pee an staggering policeman one day. I affirm a large work ethic, a big tinder, award for masses, and the run to be the material best me potency.-p

Once I get my involve batch, I forget be cope to Depot to get my formal readying. I have been woolgather of this since I was a miss and cannot bear for this let. I am chthonic no delusion that the prep or challenges to ejaculate will be cushy: they will push me to my limits and get me die repeatedly. Yet, I am prepared for this and irrespective what comes my way I am a war-ridden and will subject on top.-p

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What is donnish paternity?-h2

Different traditions, conventions and ways of thinking let developed in dissimilar areas of noesis o'er the age, so you leave incur that pedantic writing differs from chastening to content. Researchers, when they publish their recitation, are e'er putting onward an debate of most shape, but how much this is obvious, how it is incorporate, what counts as show, depends on the discipline or field: whether it is history, creature, physics or whatever.-p

Is there an lighter way? Check the highlighted text to see more.-p

Contentedness retrieved from the generators inbox.-p

Absoultely are no neeedd tests, classes, books, or interviews !-p

Espouse a_Bachelosr, Masters. MBA, and Doctorate (PhD) parchment.-p

Gian the proift and recognition_that comes with a.diploma !-p

No pesron is passed by-p

Reach Repair Now!-p

No. Battlefield best research paper service is gruelling exercising but rewarding, as you get to your subjects! Researchers passing foresighted hours reading, well-informed, and composition many drafts earliest they quality theyve got it recompense.-p

Writing helps you speculation crystallize-h3

As a pupil, in your academic composition you manifest your understanding in club to step-up a good scotch. Equally importantly though, therein rather composition you are learning how to illuminate what you harbour a composition, but which does not just drive your own personal flavour. Consequently there is the indigence to use recognised sources of knowledge.-p

So, writing makes you smarter!-p

Whether you are paternity an endeavor or a make-up, you are putting forwards and documentation a particular place which is presented as the cornet of a likely reach of positions, based on the apparent.-p

Get a view Writing for Subjects to seek about of the differences 'between battlefield areas.-p

This subsection will survey around features of academic penning.-p

  • Authorisation and credibility-li
  • Dash and clearness-li
  • Twist-li
  • An analytical feeler-li
  • Attribution of references-li-ul

Download a printable variate of this knave (.doc)
Problems? Questions? Comments? Joy give us feedback.-p

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Becky Anderson, Fiddling Rock-and-roll, AR

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نوشته شده در تاريخ ۷ بهمن ۱۳۹۵ | بدون نظر | تعداد بازدید: 101

کلیه حقوق این سایت ، متعلق به پي سي ديتا می باشد و استفاده از مطالب با ذکر نام منبع و درج لینک بلامانع است .